2019: Unfinished NCIS Bang story

A/N: I wrote this for the NCIS 2019 Big Bang but never completed it. I don’t know if I ever will. I hate Ziva.

Words: 1,756

Warnings: major character death (not Tony), kind of Abby bashing

Unfinished NCIS Bang story

Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tony DiNozzo, Tim McGee, and Ziva David pulled up on a Georgetown street in the middle of the afternoon. They approached a storefront surrounded by police tape. Tony stepped forward to speak to the uniformed officer at the line.

“We’re NCIS. We got a call about a dead naval officer?”

The policeman nodded and spoke into his radio. “Detective, the team from NCIS is here.”

A few moments later the door to the store opened and a man in a suit approached. “Thanks, Officer Reynolds, I’ve got it.”

The man turned to the group and his mouth tilted up at the corner as Gibbs firmed his lips and lifted his chin. “I’m Detective Kilso. We got a report an hour ago about shots fired at this location, which followed on a silent alarm received by the alarm company. On our arrival, we found two dead, the store owner and a naval lieutenant. I notified NCIS and was told that the MCRT would be arriving shortly.

“Now, I am no newbie and I am fairly fond of YouTube, surprisingly. So, Agent Gibbs, I’m perfectly aware of your reputation. I’ve no desire to get into a pissing contest with you over jurisdiction. I’ve got four unsolved cases on my desk from the past week alone. Plus, your forensic capability is more advanced and timely than the city’s forensic department. If you come across information that makes this not an NCIS case, hand it back. But as I sent the lieutenant’s name to check it out and there is a Lieutenant Mark Racklin stationed at the Navy Yard and a verbal description matches the victim, I am fairly sure it won’t be an issue.”

Gibbs grunted. “The evidence?”

The detective huffed a laugh. “We secured the scene but didn’t process anything other than visuals, so not much, beyond learning that the register looked untouched, though it was wide open the cash was still there. The security camera was shot to pieces and there is no tape in the recorder. This place is a private gun store, has a few modern weapons but the owner specialized in antique guns. The bodies are still inside, barely touched, just to determine lack of life. The owner, Samuel Westin, and Lieutenant Racklin have obvious bullet wounds on their bodies. There are no visible casings, so either the shooter policed their brass or the weapon didn’t leave any.”

Tony smiled at the detective. “Thank you, Detective Kilso. We’ll take the scene from here and I will update you if there is a discrepancy. Have there been any similar incidents in your precinct?”

“No. Plenty of robberies, several shootings but nothing like this. If that changes, I’ll contact you.”

Tony handed him a business card. “I appreciate it, detective.”

The detective turned to the police officers present. “Alright, everybody clear the scene. This is now NCIS’ jurisdiction and case.”

The four members of the MCRT ducked under the police tape and proceeded inside the gun store. Gibbs took four steps forward and barked over his shoulder, “DiNozzo, shoot and sketch. McGee, check out the cash register, see if there is a safe or cash box anywhere, then look over the security system both the camera and the alarms. David, start collecting the guns that are not behind locks, bag and tag them separately. No one touches the bodies until Ducky gets here and clears them.”

Gibbs looked around at the walls of the store, covered in various guns on display, no locks or cases, and sighed, “David you take the left side of the place, I’ll do the right.”

Tony whistled silently. “There must be over fifty unsecured guns in here.”

Gibbs growled, “Exactly why two pairs of hands will get us back to the Yard quicker.” He headed to the right and behind the counter where the owner’s body was located.

Tony murmured to Ziva, “You remember how I showed you to collect evidence and establish chain of custody?”

Ziva nodded sharply. “I am not a clown. I recall perfectly.” She stomped off to the left side of the shop.

Tony had already photographed the walls and worked his way to the bodies as Ducky arrived.

Gibbs stood over the older man as he looked at the body of Lieutenant Racklin. “Well, Duck?”

“Honestly, Jethro, I only just arrived. Preliminarily, I would say a fairly powerful large bullet but I won’t know anything else until he’s on my table. There’s no exit wound so I should have a bullet for you after the autopsy.”

Jethro hovered as Ducky repeated his preliminary exam on the store owner. “This poor man appears to be the same cause of death as the lieutenant, but two holes instead of one, still no exit wounds.”

“Alright, Duck.”

After a few minutes, the medical examiner finished clearing the bodies and the crime scene processing continued apace.


Five hours later, Tony and Ziva carried bins filled with guns and other evidence to Abby’s lab at NCIS. They used the elevator to transport three, wheeled pallets full of evidence boxes and bags from the garage to her lab, Ziva pushing one and Tony awkwardly pushing one while pulling another. Tony didn’t want to leave Ziva alone with the pallets as he still wasn’t clear on the legalities surrounding her handling evidence. It was only her second case, her first one being spent observing for the most part as they solved the Civil War treasure map.

Abby’s music was on full blast when Ziva pulled open the lab door and Tony winced as his ears were assaulted with the heavy bass and screeching screams. Ziva pushed her pallet into the lab and Tony used two hands to maneuver his first through the narrow door.

Abby turned to him from where she had leveled a glare at Ziva and smiled. “Ooh, lots of goodies!”

Tony huffed a laugh. “And another full one behind me. This place was a gun nut’s paradise. Mostly antiques. The only guns that were actually secured in cases were the modern ones. So every gun needs to be tested to see if it is the murder weapon. We collected over 60 guns, from revolvers to rifles to shotguns to Revolutionary War muskets! So, you’re gonna be busy, busy, busy in Abbyland, Abs.”

Abby picked up one of the tagged antique guns from Ziva’s pallet. “Ooh, pretty. You know, they just don’t make them like they used to. Yeah, modern guns are more efficient and all but there is a distinct lack of artistry. All assembly line parts cut by computer lasers. Makes my job easier but not as fun or beautiful.”

Tony nodded and headed to the hallway to grab the other pallet and maneuver it inside. As he cleared the doorway, Ziva was saying something about Israeli guns and their beauty while Abby huffed at her and kept her attention on the antique gun in her hands. Tony pushed the pallet next to the one Ziva had handled and the Mossad officer glared at him.

Tony mentally rolled his eyes. Abby was not going to warm up to Ziva anytime soon. He knew the lab Goth was really bad with change and Kate’s death had seriously shaken her. Ziva would have to be patient. Or find a better common ground than the supposed aesthetics of Israeli guns versus American ones.

Tony began to turn back to Abby to get her signature on the evidence log so he and Ziva could get upstairs to do their own work when a loud noise filled the lab and he felt a burning on his neck. From the corner of his eye, he saw Ziva collapse on the ground. He turned to look at Abby and saw the gun in her hand was smoking from the barrel. It was pointed in his direction and one of Abby’s bracelets was twisted around the flintlock on top of the rifle.

Abby screamed. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Tony, you’re bleeding. You’re bleeding! Ziva! She fell! Oh my God!”

Tony spun back around and looked down at the Mossad officer, hand out ready to help her up but stopped in mid-reach when he caught sight of her face. The bullet that had grazed his neck had continued behind him and the lovely Israeli had a bullet hole in her right eye. Tony bent down and laid his hand on her neck but he knew it was a formality. She was dead.

Abby screamed louder as Tony rose to his feet and called Gibbs. He reached out to stop her from moving. “Just stay still Abby. This is a crime scene now. Just don’t move.”

The phone rang and when Gibbs answered, Tony spoke, interrupting his growling demand of what was taking so long. “Gibbs, I’m in Abby’s lab. There’s been an accident. Ziva’s dead. Shot in the head. Abby’s fine. In shock but not hurt. Get Ducky and Director Shepard. This is really bad, Gibbs.”

Tony looked over at Abby who had finally stopped screaming and now stood staring at Ziva’s body, her hands still holding the rifle. Tony slid his hand into the bag on his back and emerged with his camera. He took four shots of Abby, focusing on the place where her bracelet was still wrapped in the flintlock and another four of Ziva’s body.

Tony knew the lab had surveillance but he also realized that he himself was heading towards shock and the routine of documenting a crime scene was helping him stave the worst of it off. Tony knew he couldn’t afford to fall apart. Abby was going to be no help and Gibbs could go either way. And he wasn’t sure how much he trusted the new director, in this situation or any other.


The conference room was full to the brim, members of various agencies and others with a dog in the fight. It was nothing on the original fight in the hours following Ziva David’s death but the investigations were complete and the consequences needed to be decided.

Some things had already been handled, as the investigation into a relatively small matter had ballooned into a mountain size pile of shit that had already buried several peoples’ careers.

Newly appointed NCIS Interim Director Leon Vance sat near the head of the table having been given the job in the wake of Jennifer Shepard’s fall from grace and forced resignation. Shepard’s assignment of a foreign intelligence agent to an investigative team had been the final straw.

8 comments on “2019: Unfinished NCIS Bang story

  1. Oh, I love it. You killed off Ziva before she could cause any serious damage. Right. I probably shouldn’t be too happy about that. Don’t care though. Anyway, I guess little miss Mossad thought she was above procedure and didn’t secure the guns correctly.

    Even if you never add to this, the last part can totally become my go-to fic when I get annoyed about all things Ziva :).

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I’m anti-Ziva myself so I love how she was accidently killed!! That was perfect!!
    I am not going to lie I was giggling so hard how this happened, just a dumb stupid accident that could have been avoided if Abby followed standard Lab practices. So giggling FUNNY!!!


  3. Someone mentioned this to me recently, and I’d apparently missed it back in 2019. It’s a great start you’ve got to your foundational “what if?” Very intriguing. Your headcanon/competence for Tony is pretty much dead-on for how I see him, so it’s a pleasure to read.


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