2018: Glee V-Day snippet

Title: Untitled Glee Kingsman V-Day snippet
Author: penumbria
Fandom: Glee/Kingsman/many more
Warnings: Character Bashing, Dark Themes, Death – Minor and Major Characters, Discussion of Murder, Discussion of Torture, Mind Control, Murder, Permanent Injury, Canon Violence
Author’s Note: This is a snippet for an absolutely massive multi-crossover I am working on. It is based on lots of fandoms intersecting when Kingsman’s V-Day occurs and the anger wave overtakes people. This is the beginning of the Glee setup. The timing of Glee is off, it is set in Season Two, it  assumes the Silly Love Songs episode takes place at the beginning of February not actually during Valentine’s day and this is directly after the Rachel Berry House Party Trainwreck Extravaganza  This is un-beta’ed and I don’t need or desire unsolicited beta on it.
Summary: On February 14, 2015, Richmond Valentine set off the V-Day wave and changed the world.

Kurt laughed lightly, hiding his anger and pain as Blaine claimed he didn’t drink that much. He couldn’t hold in his catty comment though, “Are you kidding? You spent the entire night sucking Rachel Berry’s face. That sir is what we call rock bottom.”

Kurt pushed away his feelings of hurt, that this boy, who he thought was his best friend at least, would make out with his vocal nemesis after turning Kurt down a week before. He sighed and made a star next to the note in his head that drinking was bad and led to idiocy.

Blaine looked down at his new phone, a V-phone, fresh with a new V-chip. Kurt was planning on getting the chip but to buy an new phone to get a free chip, rich boys were bizarre. Almost everyone at Dalton had done the same. Kurt knew from his friends at McKinley that most of them kept their old phones but got the chip for free texts and internet. Kurt had just been too busy and frankly too connected to his lifeline to make the switch yet. But it wasn’t like the chips would suddenly start costing money or disappear. Richmond Valentine was a philanthropist and a great man. He wouldn’t jerk people around like that. He had come up from the bottom, knew what it was like to fight for everything. And he clawed his way to the top and never forgot where he had been. It was refreshing.

As they walked to any empty table he tried to overhear Blaine’s phone call but the other boy pulled away. After giving Blaine a look of hopeful questioning, the dapper boy laughed and revealed the contents of his call. “Rachel just asked me out.”

Kurt couldn’t believe it. What was she thinking? She must still be drunk. “Amazing. She’s got a girl crush on you.”

As Blaine went to throw away some trash, Kurt realized something unsettling. Blaine had said yes. What the hell? Kurt thought his friend was that cruel, to lead on the girl. Though she did know Blaine was gay but still, it wasn’t a nice thing to do.  

But questioning led to worse news. Blaine thought that some drunken make out session with a girl felt good and that it meant he might be bi. The boy he looked up to so much was crawling back into the closet and Kurt was beyond hurt.

Of course, kissing felt good, it always did when it was consensual. Kurt had enjoyed kissing Brittany when they dated but had known that he had no desire to take it further. Then again, alcohol in the mix changed things badly.

Kurt knew bisexuality was real. He didn’t understand it, personally, but he knew it wasn’t fake. But the fact that Blaine was claiming he wa bisexual after a drunken escapade, a night when he was so drunk that he couldn’t stand unassisted by the end, was wrong and hurtful.

Kurt wanted to lash out. Blaine was so open and proud when they met and now this. Just a week after telling Kurt he didn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone, he decided to date Rachel Berry. The gay boy that Kurt had a severe crush on, the gay boy who held his hand, the gay boy who sang flirty duets with him and knew his coffee order and paid for it sometimes, the gay boy who serenaded a near stranger about sex toys, the gay boy who said no to Kurt a week ago, was now saying yes to a girl. And the girl was the one who had such a rocky relationship with Kurt, frenemies at best and she knew how he felt about Blaine. That she would do this, that Blaine would do this!

Kurt saw Blaine drop his phone and cock his head, the Valentine Corporation logo prominent on the screen. Kurt narrowed his eyes and grabbed his coffee, yanking the lid off p, he tossed it at Blaine and before the other boy could recover, he grabbed Blaine’s own coffee and repeated the gesture. Kurt pushed the table over, not even comprehending the other patrons beating on one another, the barista shoving a customer’s head into the espresso machine, the cars outside crashing into people.

He grabbed his chair and began hitting Blaine over the head. He knelt over him and grabbed his dapper Dalton tie and pushed it tight against the smaller boy’s throat as he struggled beneath him. Kurt just wanted to make the other boy pay for his meanness and the hateful way he had treated Kurt’s feelings.

Kurt blinked as his overwhelming rage drained away in an instant. He looked down and scrambled back in horror as he saw Blaine’s dead face looking at him. What had he done? He looked around to see why no one had stopped him and saw devastation in the shop. Dead bodies and people like him who were looking around in horror. He climbed to his feet and dashed out of the coffee shop to his baby, his Navigator. He needed safety, he needed his dad. As he turned the ignition, he felt his anger swell again.