2021: SGA – “Consequences Unforeseen”

Title: Consequences Unforseen

Author: penumbria

Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis

Pairing: Rodney/John

Warnings: Character Bashing, Death Major Character, Death Minor Character, Murder, Mutilation, Violence – Canon Level

Original A/N: The mutilation tag is due to changes on the genetic level from the gene therapy. This is NOT a “Sentinels are Known” universe. Note – Don’t worry, the major character deaths are not Rodney or John.

Summary: Carson doesn’t really understand as much about DNA and the ATA gene as he – and Elizabeth – think.

A/N: Written for the April 2020 Rough Trade challenge – Year of the Sentinel: Sentinel/Guide established relationship. I really didn’t get far due to issues of it being the spring of 2020.

Word Count: 2,108

Time in Pegasus: 7 days

Rodney curled up on the bed and let his fingers run through John’s fluffy hair. He still couldn’t quite believe he had gotten the Air Force Major’s attention for more than a night or two of really good sex. 

Rodney wasn’t modest and knew he was an excellent lover. When he put his mind to something, he gave it his all. And sex was an ever-changing equation even when with the same person. 

But Major John Sheppard was ridiculously attractive and a genuinely good person. An asshole, but a good person. He had basically torpedoed his career because he refused to leave men behind to die. It had made John reckless. 

When they met in Antarctica several months before, John had come on to him within hours. Rodney had asked about the danger due to the foolish American military rules and John had made it clear that while he wasn’t advertising it, he didn’t really care if he got caught.

Even now, when his career was leaping forward thanks to Colonel Sumner’s death and the total lack of qualified officers to take command of the military on the city, John refused to let Rodney go. They hadn’t gotten mushy and had a discussion about feelings, but that didn’t mean Rodney wasn’t feeling them.

In a way, it was more dangerous on Atlantis for them to be together. The population was small and gossip was a strong entertainment draw. But on the other hand, John had an odd relationship with the city, starting from the moment he came through the Stargate a week ago.

Rodney’s room was on one side of the tower and John’s was on the other. But they backed up against one another and shared a balcony. Their doors from their rooms to their respective hallways were on opposite sides of the tower and took a three minute fast walk from one to the other, but they kind of shared an apartment thanks to the balcony doors. 

The thing was, the first night on the city after rooms had been assigned, Rodney’s room had a door to a balcony facing the west side of the city. After John visited once things were settled down, the door was suddenly on the east side and John no longer had a private balcony.

It freaked Rodney out a bit but he also appreciated the city’s actions. As long as they kept their headsets in, or turned up and close by, they could share a bed every night. John always came to Rodney’s room as his bed was bigger. 

Rodney thought that someone had been pranking John when they delivered his bed and mattress. It was much too short and barely qualified as a twin rather than a cot. And that was if you squinted and decided to be generous in your definition.

John rolled over and smiled, small but genuinely at Rodney. “I’ve told you before, I’m not a cat.”

Rodney smirked. “But you love being petted.”

John snorted. “I love how you touch me. Period. Petting or otherwise.”

Rodney smiled. “Well, it’s a good thing I love to touch you. In so many ways.”

John shook his head, “Okay, this is getting out of hand.” 

Rodney arched his brows. “Word play too much? How about I take it in hand?”

John groaned. “Really? That one was -“ 

John’s words broke off and he groaned in a different, deeper, more involuntary tone as Rodney matched his actions to his words. 

Rodney’s hand slid down from John’s head and into his briefs, running along the length of his hardening cock, his long fingers reaching lower to run over his balls on every downward stroke. He moved his hand slowly but not teasingly.

John looked up and met Rodney’s eyes before he leaned forward and their mouths met in a hot kiss. John licked his way inside Rodney’s mouth and ran his hands down to grab Rodney’s ass.

Rodney slid his other hand to the waistband of John’s boxers and slid them over his ass and down. John wiggles out of them as he writhed in Rodney’s hold on his cock.

John kneaded Rodney’s naked ass and lifted his head and began to mouth along Rodney’s jawline and downward to his neck, careful to not leave a long term mark. 

Rodney grabbed the tube of lube from the nightstand and slicked up his hand. He caressed John’s cock with a firmer hold and began moving faster as John’s breath sped up.

John rolled onto his back and pulled Rodney to straddle his thighs. He reached his hands up and slid his fingers over Rodney’s nipples, eliciting a deep groan and high pitched whimper as he lightly pinched.

Rodney slid forward and took his own cock in his hand and jerked it with John’s, the friction of the two rubbing each other as they closed on their orgasms was amazing. 

John put his hand over Rodney’s and within seconds, the extra stimulation brought them both off, their cum splashing John’s chest. 

Rodney collapsed sideways next to John and entwined their legs as he panted in his post-orgasmic haze. He ran his fingers through the mess on John’s abdomen, doodling equations.

John turned on his side and kissed Rodney’s temple. Rodney smiled, content and truly happy.

With another soft kiss, John rolled out of bed to clean up. 

Rodney watched his lover walk naked to the bathroom and smiled. He sat up and turned to sit on the bed with his legs on the floor. 

Rodney frowned as he looked down. He thought he had a towel on the floor but John must have picked it up. He shrugged and got up, entering the bathroom to join his lover in removing the evidence of their activities.

As Rodney stepped into the shower, John turned to face him. “Are you sure you want to let Carson mess around with your DNA? I mean, it’s permanent, right? What if he gets it wrong?”

Rodney frowned. “Carson’s the foremost expert on the ATA gene. He’s been working on the gene therapy for close to two years. And as the Chief Science Officer on Atlantis, my work would be much easier with the ATA gene. Andwhen it works on me, Carson can give it to more members of the expedition and we’ll have better control of the city’s systems. Like you do.”

John sighed. “I know the reasoning, Rodney. I just – I’m worried. This isn’t a flu shot. And DNA isn’t something that takes kindly to errors.”

Rodney pulled John to him in a hug under the warm spray from the multiple shower heads. The Ancient bathing facilities were amazing.

“I trust Carson. He knows what he’s doing. If he wasn’t sure, he wouldn’t risk me, the foremost expert on Ancient technology, a mission essential asset for the city. And his boss.”

John snorted as he soaped Rodney’s back. “So modest.”

Rodney shrugged. “I’m just being honest. There’s no one on this city who can do and understand everything I do. Zelenograd comes somewhat close. But even he is more close to mono-focused than me.”

John rolled his eyes as he pulled back from the embrace. “You know that’s not his name.”

Rodney smirked as he soaped his chest. “It’s my thing.”

John gave Rodney an unimpressed look. “It’s an asshole thing.”

Rodney smiled. “And everyone knows I’m an utter asshole. Therefore, it’s my thing.”


Time in Pegasus: 12 days

Rodney stood in the control room above the Stargate thinking about what a terrible idea this was. The gate was a huge power source and a naquadah generator was barely a bite or two in comparison. 

He heard Elizabeth ask the gate tech – Gochin, Glaren, Gripin, Grodin, that was it – if he had a planet ready to dial. He told her he was sending the energy creature to a barren, desert world. 

Rodney interrupted. “If we’re doing this, we need to give it the best possible chance. We don’t know if the creature has a way of sensing what’s on the other side of the gate. It wasn’t something the Ancients would have cared about. Open the gate to that planet in the database that the climatologists were drooling over a few days ago. The one with the permanent ion storm the size of Earth’s moon on it.”

Grodin tilted his head. “The planet you said would be too dangerous to visit with the gate? Because of potential backlash from the ion radiation?”

Rodney nodded. “We’re not going through the gate. We won’t even be near it. And it would be like an all-you-can-eat buffet to that thing. It might even be like its home planet. Best chance of success, yeah?”

Elizabeth shared a look with Grodin. Rodney knew she thought that even if he saw them, he would disregard it. She’d been a right bitch the last few days. 

Rodney frowned. Thinking back on it, she actually hadn’t been acting much different to him than normal. He just usually did ignore social niceties and behaviors.

Elizabeth nodded at Grodin and he typed on his computer and brought up the correct address. And the plan moved forward as John turned on the MALP as the gate engaged.

John hurried up the stairs and Rodney watched as the creature engulfed the probe, blocking their view. The creature was growing in size and didn’t seem to be going through the gate. This plan was not a good plan. 

The others began to go round in circles about the problems, Rodney knew even John was panicking though his excellent poker face didn’t show it. Elizabeth was on the verge of a panic attack and the alien woman, Teyla, was resigned.

Rodney looked over the four others in the control room, standing behind them as they tried to figure out what to do. He looked at the creature and knew it was angry. Rodney slid his hand into his pocket and pulled out the little shield generator. He pressed it to his chest and it lit up as the field enveloped him.

He walked quickly to the stairs before he lost his nerve, hurrying down them, hearing John call out his name as he neared the creature. He looked over his shoulder and smiled grimly, before he descended into the creature.

The shield held and Rodney marveled at the odd beauty surrounding him. He approached the stalled probe and picked up the case with the generator. He closed his eyes as he realized the case wasn’t vibrating at all. The creature had already drained the generator.

Rodney felt overwhelmed. He was angry and lonely and hungry. He tilted his head. No, that wasn’t him. The creature was angry and lonely and hungry. Even the gate wasn’t providing enough ‘food’ for it. 

Rodney shook his head but reached out a hand into the surrounding blackness and tried to push the idea of safety and a planet to feast on without interference into the creature. He felt ridiculous but he knew he was feeling the emotions from the creature.

After a few moments, Rodney felt curiosity and a sort of hope fill him. He focused on agreement and safety and pictures of the open gate and storms on the planet. 

The creature again felt hopeful and then pleased. Rodney saw the odd subatomic view around him lessen and heard the gate change pitch. 

Just before the last of the creature entered the event horizon, Rodney felt a wave of thankfulness. It was too much and Rodney passed out on the floor next to the mobile probe as the gate disengaged.


Time in Pegasus: 13 days

Elizabeth, John, Rodney, Carson, and Grodin sat around the large conference table in a room not far from the gate room. Rodney had spent the night in the infirmary being monitored by Carson and his team of medical doctors and nurses after his encounter with the energy creature and subsequent fainting fit.

Carson had run all kinds of tests and taken far too much blood for Rodney’s tastes but all Rodney felt from the doctor was worry and curiosity. Appropriate in the circumstances, so Rodney let it be.

But he had been released from medical care an hour ago and it was time to debrief the senior staff, plus Grodin. Rodney wasn’t sure what Grodin’s job exactly was on the expedition. Rodney knew the other man was a linguist and had engineering degrees as well. But all he’d really done so far was work the gate and keep Elizabeth’s schedule. Like a secretary or something. Highly overqualified to be a personal assistant but whatever.

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