2020: SGA Fluff Bingo “Playing Hooky” snippet

Working Title: Playing Hooky

Author: penumbria

Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis

Word Count: 479

A/N: This was inspired by art I made for the same prompt as the working title. The art is below. I had about another 1500-2000 or so words plotted for this but just lost momentum and then the challenge ended. Don’t know when or if I will get back to it.

John brought the jumper to a perfect landing on the beach above the high tide line. The team had spent the last three and a half hours reaffirming a treaty with the Juniki and that was after spending the last four months doing the same things with dozens of other planets with a day off in between missions if they were lucky.

Returning to Pegasus after Atlantis being on Earth for nearly ten months required these missions and John understood but he wished that some of the other teams could take more of the load. Unfortunately, too many of them would only negotiate with John’s team, as they had been the first contact.

Other teams could take over and do the actual trading but the negotiations required SGA-1. The only way they would accept another team was if John’s team was dead or missing. 

And most of the missions were multi-day affairs, sometimes with banquets and such at the end, but even then, they weren’t exactly relaxing. They were diplomatic state dinners, essentially.

So, when the Juniki delegation completed the treaty well ahead of schedule, John made the executive decision to give his team some time off. They weren’t expected back to Atlantis for at least a day. SGA-1 was playing hooky. And Woolsey could kiss his ass if he had an issue with them doing it. If he caught them.

The Juniki’s planet had a moon with an atmosphere and beautiful oceans and beaches. And they were pristine as the moon had no gate. And the Juniki didn’t have the ability to travel out of the atmosphere of their planet.

After the jumper touched down, Rodney and Ronon went to the rear compartment and opened the overhead storage bins. Rodney pulled out what looked like a picnic hamper and Ronon had a pair of surfboards. John recognized one of them. It was his.

John’s eyebrows rose and he turned to Teyla. She smiled her enigmatic smile and spoke softly as was her wont. “On our mission five days ago to the Garbada, I learned that the Juniki planting had been completed late and very few of their crops were ready for harvest and would not be for several weeks. We have been working very hard since our return home and we needed a mental health break. I did not share this information with Mister Woolsey. And I informed Rodney and Ronon of my plan.”

Ronon smirked. “We knew once the meeting ended so early that you wouldn’t miss the opportunity for the relaxing that the moon offered. So, last night I grabbed your board and mine and loaded them in our jumper.”

Rodney grinned. “And I talked to Chief Cooper in the mess and she got me the picnic food. She said it was deserved after we brought in so much trade food over the past few months.”

_Fluff Bingo - Playing Hooky