2019: Teen Wolf – Laura bites preteens

A/N: I was on the fence about posting this one. I am actually currently working on it and hope to have it completed and on AO3 by April 1 so I can work on its sequel for April 2019 Rough Trade. I am fairly new to the Teen Wolf fandom and have never seen an entire episode, just bits and pieces. And read lots of fic over the past few months since I fell down the rabbit hole. Due to where this one is set, I felt more comfortable with the characters and not having to worry as much about them being OOC as they are all preteens. Except the obvious adults like Peter Hale, Noah Stilinski, Melissa McCall, etc. So, if my plans shake out, this will be posted within a month or so. If not, well this is EAD. Title is just a placeholder and will change. ETA: I did finish it and post it (on Feb 21). Title: Who’s the Alpha?

Words: 2,249

Warnings: violence canon, violence graphic

Pairing: gen

Summary: On the day of the Hale fire, Laura’s pack bonds are broken and almost simultaneously she inherits the Alpha spark from her dead mother. She isn’t prepared and goes more than a bit feral as she heads towards her house.

Laura bites preteens

Stiles sat under the playground set and spun the tic tac toe board counters. Scott sat next to him taking a puff of his inhaler. It was a gorgeous spring day, a Friday and both Stiles’ dad and Scott’s mom were on the night shift for the week. They took advantage of this freedom to put off doing their homework and spend the time around their classmates at the playground.

Not that any of the other kids actually played with Stiles or Scott. Stiles was too hyper and odd and Scott’s asthma was very bad. Just playing for ten minutes of the monkey bars and slides had caused a minor attack. There was no way Scott could kick around the soccer ball with Danny, Isaac, and Jackson.

Stiles could have, if Jackson wasn’t such a jerk and if he was willing to abandon Scott, which he wasn’t. Scott was his best friend. His only real friend since Heather started going to private school and Theo moved away with his family.

But Stiles wouldn’t leave Scott on his own so they played what they could and people watched when they couldn’t. Stiles fidgeted with the spinners as he gazed across the playground at the swings. Lydia was swinging high and laughing while Erica just swung back and forth lazily.

Stiles had a major crush on Lydia. She was pretty and so smart but she barely talked to him since she became popular a few years ago in third grade. And starting middle school this year had just made is worse.

Erica was nice but shy. And a few weeks ago she had been in gym class and had a seizure. Stiles had researched it and he thinks she might have epilepsy but just starting to show symptoms. He hoped he was wrong because that was a horrible thing to live with and you could die from a bad seizure, or even from a mild one if it happened at a bad time like when you were on a ladder or even near the top of a flight of steps. Or if no one was around and you hit your head hard against something or if you bit your tongue in half and swallowed it and choked or choked on your tongue when it blocked your airway. Or if you vomited during or after the seizure and choked on it. Or aspirated it into your lungs and got pneumonia or something from it.

Stiles shook his head, pushing his mental rambling aside. “Doing better, Scotty?”

Scott smiled. “Think so, yeah. Sorry.”

Stiles shook his head. “Nope. No worries. No reason for sorrow. You are who you are and asthma is a shithead but I don’t mind. You know that. Just so you breathe. And don’t have to go to the ER because it is so bad your rescue inhaler isn’t enough because the hospital sucks, dude. And I know you hate it, too. So, when an attack starts, I’m fine with slowing it down instead of ignoring it and making it worse, ya know? ‘Cause your my best friend and I want you to be happy and healthy and -“

Scott smiled. “Thanks, Stiles.”

Stiles smiled and opened his mouth to ask if Scott wanted to get up and try to do something when the tenor and pitch of the yelling from the far side of the playground where the open ground was changed. Jackson screamed in pain and fear and was soon joined by others.

Stiles looked over and saw the reason. Jackson was laying on the ground, bleeding, as were Isaac and Danny. And a large creature, like a wolf but distorted with glowing red eyes and fangs that were dripping in blood. As Stiles watched in horror, it leaped at the girls on the swings and knocked them off, before biting their sides and turning. He grabbed Scott’s arm and tugged him to his feet, looking around the playground until his eyes fell on the domed monkey bars. That was it. The gaps were too small for the wolf thing to fit through and if they huddled in the center or against the opposite bars, it couldn’t reach them with its claws.

He yelled. “Get into the dome! It won’t fit! It can’t reach! Come on, Scott. Come on. Hurry!”

Stiles began running for the dome, Scott on his heels, continuing to yell his idea to anyone listening. As they passed the slides, Stiles heard Vernon Boyd trying to get his little sister to slide down from the top and follow Stiles but she was whimpering and saying she was up high and it couldn’t reach. It wasn’t tall enough.

A few steps later, the boy’s pleas turned to screams and a glance back showed Stiles the creature had bitten him as it leaped up the ladder of the slide, taking a bite of the little girl at the top on its way passed before sliding down the slope.

Stiles increased his pace, as the dome neared. Three kids were already inside, safe – Matt, Jared, and Harley. He reached the dome and grabbed an upper bar, preparing to use his momentum to slide through a lower hole when he looked behind him and saw Scott on the ground in the middle of a massive asthma attack, the creature steps from him.

Stiles let go of the bars and turned around. “No! Leave him alone! Pick on someone your own size, asshole!”

He ran toward his friend but the wolf thing was faster and Stiles screamed in denial as it bit into Scott’s waist. He jumped at it and began hitting it around the jaw and ears when it let Scott go and roared. Stiles fell over from the force of the sound and the creature bit down on his upper arm.

Stiles screamed in pain and felt a burning sensation in his chest and a feeling like something broke. He grabbed onto his attacker’s head and suddenly there was lightning flowing down his arms into his hands and through wolf. It let go and shook him loose but the lightning still covered it. It growled and snarled and Stiles was convinced it was going to go for his neck this time when it cocked its head and turned towards the forest. It shook itself and took off into the Preserve, the electricity fading as it left the playground area.

Stiles lay on the ground, panting and crying. He crawled over to Scott and wrapped himself around his best friend, pushing on Scott’s wound, keeping pressure on it, as they both moaned and shook from the pain and the shock of the attack which had taken less than five minutes from the time Jackson was bitten until the creature had run off.


Stiles sat on a gurney in a curtained area in the emergency room of the hospital. His father, the sheriff of Beacon County, was holding his hand tightly, his pallor pale and his hand trembling.

“I’m fine, Dad. They gave me some drugs and the it doesn’t hurt too much, anymore. They’ll fix me up as soon as they can.”

Noah Stilinski took a deep breath. “I’m glad you’re not hurting, kiddo, but you’re still bleeding.”

Stiles shrugged the shoulder on the side that wasn’t injured. “The EMTs bandaged me up, nice and tight. Yeah, I need stitches and it’s gonna give me a cool scar, but everybody’s busy right now, Dad.

“They triaged everyone at the scene and then again when we all got here in the ambulances. I was the least hurt. It only chomped on my arm and I have some cuts and scrapes from hitting the ground. But everyone else was bitten on their torsos, except Boyd. It yanked him off the slide’s ladder by his calf.

“That thing really mauled Lydia bad and she’s in surgery. Scott’s mom stopped by and told us that the surgeons were optimistic but busy.

“And the other operating room is busy with Mr. Hale. The firefighters brought him in on one of their trucks because all of the ambulances were busy with the playground attacks. He’s really, really bad off. He’s got lots of burns all over. They didn’t tell us anything but I saw when they rushed him passed us before you got here. And I heard what they were calling to each other. It was gross. His skin was, like, black in places. He really needed the surgeons.

“I don’t need the operating room, though. Just a local and then stitches. But Jackson and Isaac are next in line for the surgeons. They think they might have internal injuries from the bites. And Erica had a seizure from the stress of the attack. And Boyd and his sister, um, Amelia? They had worse bites and need more stitches then me. So do Scott and Danny. So, relax, Daddio. The bleeding is minimal, just sleeping through the bandage, not soaking it. It was just a really bad time to need the emergency room. With all of the kids attacked and the fire, too, everyone’s really busy.”

Noah sighed. “I know, Stiles. But you’re my kid. You’re all I’ve got left and I got a call out that you’re on the way to the hospital because you were attacked by a wild animal, along with at least eight other kids. Excuse me for being worried about you, okay. I’m your dad. It’s my prerogative. And it is weird that so many of you were attacked and the fire at the Hale house at the same time, nearly. Could be a coincidence. Could be there was something in the house that the fire released as smoke and it infected the animal, drove it rabid without the rabies. Drug lab, maybe? The Hales lived pretty far into the woods. I don’t like the thought of it not being connected. Something tells me it was.”

A young voice piped up from outside the curtain. “It was connected. But it wasn’t drugs in the air. Drugs like that wouldn’t work on us.”

Noah released Stiles’ hand and pushed the curtain back.

“Cora?” Stiles gasped. “They said your uncle was the only survivor from the fire. I thought you were dead.”


“This is Cora Hale, Dad. She’s in my class at school.”

Cora edged forward, closer to Stiles. “I wasn’t inside. I was playing in the woods. Well, I was hiding, sort of. I wanted quiet time and you can’t – couldn’t get it in the house. Mom and Dad and Uncle Peter knew where I was. I wasn’t missing. There’s a tree not too far from the house and it has this hole in the roots and the tree is kind of hollow inside near the base. And it has a little ledge a few feet off the forest floor and it’s just the right size for a kid my age or younger to curl up on. I took a sleeping bag in a waterproof bag and I take books and a lantern and games. And I just hang out by myself for a few hours, once or twice a week. I know Laura did the same thing when she was younger. And Uncle Peter’s the one who showed me the tree nook. It kind of tradition.

“But today, I was in there and Uncle Peter came by. He said he smelled – um, something bad and to stay inside until one of us came to get me. To not leave unless I heard their voice. Not to trust my nose. So, I did. I huddled in the tree and waited.”

Cora drifted closer to Stiles until she could put a hand on his ankle under the blanket on his bed. Noah frowned but sat down and sighed.

“So, your Uncle Peter knew something was going to happen?”

Cora bit her lip. “I’m not supposed to tell.”

Noah sat forward. “Did your uncle do something, Cora?”

She shook her head violently. “No. But he smelled them.”


Cora’s eyes darted around and she lowered her voice. “Hunters.”

Noah’s brows lowered in confusion. “He smelled hunters? Beer? Gunpowder? Was he worried they would hit you by mistake?”

Cora shook her head before she bit her lip, shrugged her shoulders and sort of nodded. “Not by mistake. On purpose.”

“Why would hunters shoot a little girl, Cora?”

Cora swallowed hard. “You won’t believe me.”

“Try me.”

“Because they know. They know we’re werewolves. And Uncle Peter smelled the wolfsbane in their bullets. They set the fire. And I felt them die, Mama, Papa, everyone, so many, it hurt. But I hid. I listened and waited like Uncle Peter told me. I almost came out when I heard the Alpha roar but then I heard Uncle Peter howl and I remembered not to move. But, no one was coming and I felt the pack bonds break and I know they died. But after the howls, I could feel lots of new bonds. I heard them put Uncle Peter in the ambulance and leave and no one else knew where I was. So, I followed the bonds and most of them are here. In this hospital.”

Noah blinked. “Cora, I understand that you’ve had a very bad night and some horrible things have happened but I need the truth not imagination.”

Cora sighed and glared at the sheriff, her eyes turning a bright gold and her mouth dropping open to show far too many sharp teeth.


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  1. Thank you for posting this I’ll defenitly be reading the finished story when you post it. good luck with finishing it when you want to and your RT.


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