2019: NCIS – Original Opening How I ‘Met’ Your Father

A/N: This was the original opening for what would become my story How I ‘Met’ Your Father. I didn’t like how it was flowing and switched the prologue to a first-person monologue POV for the final. But here is my first thought.

Words: 457

Warnings: none for this snippet, see AO3 for the full story warnings

Original Opening to How I ‘Met’ Your Father

Tony DiNozzo glanced around at the members of his family gathered around him. It amazed him, even after so many years, that he had stumbled across such a thing. And that it had not only lasted but expanded. His husband had connected him to true friends that had become family and in their journey through life, their three bright-eyed children had arrived in their lives. And now, it was time to pay a debt.

“So, you all know why you’re here. I lost a bet and am now required to tell the story of how your father and I got together in a pop culture format way. Now the title should really be ‘How I Met Your Father’ but that would be boring and short.

You already know that I was a freshman at RIMA when John was a sophomore. He was assigned as my mentor, so to speak and helped me adjust. We were best friends who moved to closeted boyfriends within a year.

Then when John was getting ready to graduate, he made his choice. And it wasn’t me. He wanted to fly, not jumbo jets or little crop dusters, but real planes, and at that point in time it was not only dangerous but illegal to be homosexual if you were in the military. He chose the Air Force and left me behind. It was hard for me to take and he knows that. We dealt with it long ago but he knows me and knows I won’t sugarcoat things. I’m not going to dwell on it but it was what it was. I was devastated when my boyfriend of three years dumped me so he could hide who he really was. I hated him for a long time. And I fell into some bad behaviors due to my issues with his rejection.

Just after he left, that summer, the school hired a new music teacher who also taught piano lessons. She was young, just out of college, only twenty-two, but she fixated on me because she knew my father was rich. I was just turned sixteen and trying to deal with the loss of John when we met and I was easy pickings for Wendy. She seduced me and wrapped me around her finger until she approached my father and was paid off. I didn’t know that abort until years later, she just told me she got a better job in another state but I again was devastated, left behind and rejected.

So, this tale isn’t how I met John or it would be over. This tale is ‘How I Got Reconciled With And Married Your Father’. And it really all started when I was recruited to NCIS by Agent LJ Gibbs.”

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