2017 – NCIS: Moving On – Chapter One

Title: Moving On

Author: penumbria

Fandom: NCIS (possibly crossovers)

Summary: Series of unconnected one-shots (possibly later to become first chapters of longer works but no guarantees) where Tony leaves, either Team Gibbs, NCIS as a whole, or his place as SFA.

Author’s Note: I came up with this idea when looking at the art I chose for this year’s NCIS Reverse Bang (created by Jilly James) but I already had a story written for the art (which will be posted in April on AO3), so this is inspired by the same art but will be a more open ended series which wouldn’t fit with the Bang concept anyway. I have it here on EAD because #1 it isn’t beta’ed and #2 some or all of the chapters may become longer works down the line but I have no idea when. Enjoy the torment!

Chapter 1: Ziva’s initial appointment to Gibbs’ team following Kate’s death

Tony walked down the basement steps at Gibbs’ house, following the sound of sandpaper on wood. He needed to have a talk with the older man and he knew his best bet was outside of an official meeting. Even attempting this conversation at NCIS would be counter productive. Not that Tony was confident in a positive outcome regardless but he had to do it, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t.

Gibbs didn’t look up from his sanding of the boat as he grunted, “DiNozzo,” as Tony reached the basement floor.


Tony knew better than to wait for further acknowledgment from his boss. He also knew he had Gibbs’ attention, even if it seemed otherwise.

“So, I come in today and not only is Ziva still on the team, she’s sitting at Kate’s desk.”

Gibbs made no verbal acknowledgment but the sanding sped up in tempo.

“Ziva David has no place on the MCRT. And no place at that desk.”

Gibbs kept sanding but spoke, “Ziva said it best. It’s just a desk. Kate wouldn’t mind.”

Tony stared at the other man, incredulous. “Kate wasn’t stupid Gibbs. She certainly would mind! The sister of her murderer, the woman who profiled the team for the terrorist who killed her, taking her place on the team and sitting at her desk? Yeah, she’d mind the hell out of that.”

“Ziva’s not her brother.”

“No, she’s worse. She did his dirty work. She set us up. Set Kate up to be killed. Try to get him out of the country. Helped him appear innocent and set up a fall guy. All Ari did was pull the trigger.”

Gibbs spun around. “Ziva’s on the team. She’s not a terrorist. She’s a good person!”

Tony shook his head. “Just because she shot her brother doesn’t make her the good guy, Gibbs.”


“I don’t know what happened to you, Gibbs, to us. We used to be partners. You used to know the mask was just that. I’m not an idiot, I can work a crime scene and I am very good at figuring out ballistic trajectories. There’s no way it went down the way you claimed. You brought a woman whose side you weren’t sure of to have your back, you didn’t trust people that are your team to have your six and you’re just lucky that she was allowed to take out Ari.”

“She did what she did to save me.”

“Bullshit! That woman wouldn’t do anything from altruism. I doubt she even knows what the word means. She’s a spy and an assassin. A very good one from what my sources tell me. Her specialty, Gibbs, getting close to older men, getting on their good side, getting information, then neutralizing them when their use was gone. Often it was a honeypot but she’s also very good at playing the wounded little girl. She’s playing you and you’re so blinded by your own issues that you can’t or won’t even see it.”

“My issues?”

“Again, Gibbs, not stupid. I was a cop for six years before we met and that wasn’t under the best circumstances. Danny burned me bad, Gibbs, I wasn’t about to just trust my gut after that. Not then. I researched you. And it wasn’t hard to find. I never brought it up when I realized no one at NCIS knew. Or at least, anyone who knew didn’t talk about it. You have a great tragedy in your past, Gibbs, but you’re letting it blind you to an Israeli agent’s manipulations. She knows the truth, too, remember.”

“You’re out of line, DiNozzo!” Gibbs took a step towards Tony, a move that would normally make him back down and placate the alpha male. But not this time.

“She’s a little killer, Gibbs, and she helped kill Kate.”

Gibbs narrowed his eyes and stood up straight. “She didn’t know what her brother was going to do, she thought he was a double agent.”

Tony shook his head. “Maybe at first they did but by the time she got here to NCIS? When we met her? No. She knew he was rogue, that he was Hamas for real. And I’ve got no proof but it owuldn’t surprise me if she’d been ordered to take him out and saving you was just icing on the cake. A way in.”

“You better stop talking, DiNozzo!”

Tony shook his head. “She doesn’t belong at NCIS, certainly not on an investigative team. It makes no sense, Gibbs! There’s no reason for her to want to be there. She’d fit at the CIA or even Homeland. Maybe NCIS CI/CT. But she’s got no experience in investigation, her experience in interrogation is more on the torture or seductions sides, and she’s got no business even working cases, legally speaking.”

Gibbs clenched his jaw and turned back to the boat. “My team, my rules.”

Tony huffed a bitter laugh. “More like your team, Madam Director’s rules. You didn’t offer a spot to Ziva. Our new boss did. An odd move for a brand spanking new head of an armed federal agency to do, too. Giving a prime spot on the top team to a foreign intelligence operative.”

“Ziva’s on the team, DiNozzo.”

Tony nodded. “I had to come. Had to try to get through your thick skull. Figured it was at best 20-80 odds that it would work. Now you’ve got your back up. To you, I’ve challenged your role, your status as the leader of our little pack and you won’t have that. I’m sure you’ll make me pay for this. Or – you would if you had the opportunity.” Tony sighed. “You won’t. I left my resignation on my desk with my ID, badge and sidearm. I figured if this actually worked I could get them in the morning. I won’t stay and work with Kate’s murderer Gibbs. I can’t.”

Gibbs stopped sanding but didn’t turn from the boat.

“Maybe with me gone, you’ll get your head out of your ass and actually think this through and investigate Ziva. But if not, you’ve brought whatever comes on yourself by letting her and Madam Director play oyu. An old lover as your boss, not a good thing, Gibbs. Good luck. It’s been – educational. Thanks for the memories.”

Tony gave one last look at the older man before he walked calmly up the steps and out of the house to face his new future, one where he could look at himself in the mirror and not work with the murderer of his friend.

17 comments on “2017 – NCIS: Moving On – Chapter One

  1. I really like this. I don’t know if this is a teaser for a future story or it will stand alone. Because all I can picture is that Gibbs will find the whole thing blowing up in his face, right along with NCIS. And as Tony pointed out, he’s not stupid. Gibbs seems to have forgotten that it was Tony’s investigative skills that put him on top as having the best team in the agency. And I can actually see Tony heading over to Home Land and putting his skills to work not only investigating more of David, but also taking a very hard look at Shepard and what she’s up to.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. So very good, thank you, but did you put this somewhere else earlier, because it seems very familiar. I enjoyed it then and I enjoyed it again now. I look forward to where you may take this. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent! This is exactly what I would have loved to see. Tony being smart and in-your-face. I hope you continue this! Thanks for sharing.


  4. This is so good. I’ve never seen one that took on David from the very start. This is so smart. I love where your brain goes. If you continue this, you definitely will have fans but it is a delicious stand-alone … a fascinating what-if. This has been my favorite EAD 2017. It leaves my brain spinning! Thanks for sharing!!


  5. This is what should’ve happened. You hit all the important issues and questions. Unfortunately we all know it didn’t, but that’s what fanfic is for. I especially liked the twist at the end, that Tony has already left his resignation on Gibbs’ desk.

    Would I love to see more of this? Most definitely, because who doesn’t want Gibbs to remember that moment and have to admit that yes, Tony was absolutely right. And beg Tony for forgiveness. Or something ;). But, having said that, I think this works very good as a stand-alone as well. Thank you for sharing!


  6. I’m in agreement with the comments posted. I watched the series after Ziva on and off to see where the writers were going, then stopped when they didn’t let Tony’s character grow. *Flowers on Chaper One. Watching to see if you expand the story*


  7. Just across this and it’s really satisfying just as it is. All the points that we knew Tony would know and wish he had been strong enough to fight for.


  8. I agree with Linda Millman’s comment!! This is an awesome Prologue!! or Short!! But can see how this can go so many directions!!! Love it!!


  9. This is the way it should have happened. I never could understand how they could have Ziva there without feeling sick about it. And you write an impressive Tony with plenty of spine.


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