2016 SGA McShep Magic of Reborn Love

Title: The Magic of Reborn Love
Author: penumbria
Fandom/Genre: Stargate: Atlantis/slash
Relationship(s): Rodney McKay/John Shepperd
Content Rating: probably R
Warnings: violence
Summary: Rodney and John remember the entirety of their past lives as Salazar (Rodney) and Godric (John) after going through the Stargate to Atlantis (a part of the Immortality of the Soul concept by Keira Marcos)
Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate. I make no money from this.
A/N: I changed Rodney’s birthday. Rather than being born in April of 1968, I have him born in March of 1970. John was still born in June 1970. Banner Art by Fanarts_series. This is all that there is of this. It may get finished some day, maybe not. Definitely not until after “Love is a Kind of Magic” is completed.



Dr M. Rodney McKay sat in the back on the military transport, his eyes glued to the laptop in his hands as they drove towards Cheyenne Mountain. He had been working with the tech that the Stargate program brought back from their treks to other planets for quite some time and now he was finally going to see the actual ring itself. He wouldn’t be going through it. It was currently damaged, which was frankly the only reason he was getting this opportunity in the first place. He had been at Area 51 was so long that he didn’t think he was ever going to get to study the actual gate in other than simulations. But now there was a problem and Carter, tightwad that she was, couldn’t fix it. And so they called for him, the foremost expert in the field.


He knew that he had about fifteen more minutes before they would arrive at the facility and he was going over all of the notes from the malfunction that had been provided. It was a tricky situation and he wasn’t sure he would be able to solve it and get the gate working without killing the missing man but he hoped that being on site would give him more insight. He was looking forward to it immensely.


It was over. They had listened to Carter and she didn’t like him pointing out all of her flaws. The flaws in her designs. They hadn’t really wanted him and his expertise at all. They wanted a scapegoat, someone to blame if things went wrong, someone to put the load on if he had been right with his timetable. And now, because Carter couldn’t stand the fact that her work arounds and shoddy dialing program were the reason it happened in the first place, he was being exiled.


Rodney’s eyes drifted closed in the back of the plane that was taking him back to Area 51 to collect his things before his flight to Russia. He had been up from over 48 hours and regardless of what Hammond and Carter thought, he had wanted to save the alien. But Simmons twisted his words and his ideas and when the Air Force man went down, Rodney went down with him.


As he grumbled to himself about the American military and asshole blondes with more worry about orders than basic safety protocols to protect people, he drifted off to sleep. And as the scientist slept, the dreams he had been having since he had first arrived at Area 51, the ones that were always hazy and indistinct, with vague images and emotions, suddenly blared to life in his head.


~*~ He was hiding on the edge of a village and it was burning. The houses, stone and wood, were on fire and people who were running from them were being cut down by those with the torches. In the center of the group of attackers was a priest, preaching words of demons and witchcraft and evil as his followers slaughtered the villagers. The boy watching cried as he hid, feeling a welling of hatred for these men and for himself for hiding and not trying to save his family, his friends, his neighbors. ~*~


As the boy witnessed the brutal murder of his mother, Rodney McKay awoke with a gasp.


He scowled across the plane, glaring at the window. Dreaming of my home being burned to the ground, huh, wonder what that means. Carter burned my career with help of Simmons and Hammond and I am going to be literally out in the fucking cold. The priest, though. Not sure what that was about. Don’t care. Psychology and dream interpretation is voodoo. I just have to deal with the crap hand that fate just gave me. I’ll help the Russians and Carter can go jump off a bridge. Maybe next time, she’ll fall prey to her own hubris and the lack of thought and failsafes in her dialing program design.