Evil Author Day

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This is the page where I will post any Evil Author Day works.

Evil Author Day:

The original concept was to post the titles or descriptions of your in-process stuff and let people vote on what they’d like to see. I think many people have taken their own spin on how they choose what to post.

What’s the downside, and why is it evil? Well, there are no promises attached to this. I may never get back to it. There may never be more than what you see here. Or I may finish it next week. It’s read at your own risk. Seriously. I certainly welcome your feedback, but I promise that poking me continually about something doesn’t work. It may even be counterproductive. [pasted from Jilly James’ site]

please note look

FYI: Pages go live at 12:01 am EST on February 15! Not before. If after that time the links below don’t work, the links in the menu under WIPs->EAD will.


NCIS/Teen Wolf – Emanations

Teen Wolf – Apocalypse Nullified


SGA – Consequences Unforeseen

Teen Wolf – “Calming Chaos” Original Start

Completed Version: Calming Chaos


SGA Fluff Bingo “Playing Hooky” snippet

NCIS – Boxed In “Ziva’s Bullet”

HP – “Why Three-Quarters?”



Original Opening to How I ‘Met’ Your Father

Completed Version: How I ‘Met’ Your Father

Unfinished NCIS Bang story


Super Agent Tony DiNozzo

Harry Potter:

Sacred Darkness

Teen Wolf:

Laura bites preteens

NOW COMPLETE: Who’s the Alpha? on AO3


Black Distortion (HP Sirius time travel)

I Don’t Paint (MCU WinterIron featuring Keira Marcos’ Revenant trope)

Massive Mutli-Fandom V-Day (from Kingsman) Fic:

NCIS snippet

Glee snippet

Fic Teases Defintion:

Pieces of completed works that are out with my beta(s) and may be posted next week or may not be posted for months or longer.


NCIS: Moving On –  Chapter One

HP: Black Distortion [REMOVED at least for now, working on continuing it for Rough Trade April 2017] see 2018

SGA/HP: Rising Protection

MCU: Thawing Winter’s Soul

Fic Teases:

Eternity’s Knight


Foxy Bear


Owl Flying Free


Coyote in the Cupboard


A Bison’s Guarded Heart



Harry Potter: Godric/Salazar “Love is a Kind of Magic”

Stargate: Atlantis: McShep “The Magic of a Reborn Love” snippet

Snippet of longer untitled MCU WinterIron fic

Excerpt from Seeing Through Your Soul untitled sequel

NOW COMPLETESeeing Our Souls

Extreme Big Bang excerpt links: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

NOW COMPLETEA Knight’s True Soul




NOW COMPLETEThere’ll Be No Sacrifice Today

Harry Potter

Original Fiction Romance

Original Fiction Non-Romance

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  6. Hi! A question about “Black Distortion” — I can’t seem to access it without a wordpress account, which I don’t have; is there any way to read it without registering to the site? I remember liking the first version a lot and would love to revisit.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


  7. Just finished readings Black Distortion. It took my breath away. If I hadn’t trained myself out of it, I’d have been chewing on my nails in nervous anticipation. So good.

    Liked by 1 person

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