Recent Fics

Here is a list of recent fics I have put on AO3:

The Owl’s Wisdom vs the Horse’s Freedom

In the Shire, Guides are plentiful. Sentinels, on the other hand, are incredibly rare. And powerful. And lonely. In the Shire, Guides don’t bond with Sentinels. It isn’t proper. They provide community support but not personal. That is the hobbit way. Bilbo Baggins hates being a proper hobbit and wishes for many reasons that Fell Winter had never brought him online as the first hobbit Sentinel in several generations. Until a wizard brings a dwarf king and his company to Bilbo’s front door. Banner Art by Fanarts_series.

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Change in Behavior  for rose_malmaison

McGee realizes Tony needs a friend while Gibbs is in Mexico, and steps up. Banner Art by penumbria.

Change in Behavior

Coyote Hawk

Tony DiNozzo comes online as a Sentinel when he is kidnapped and wakes in a sewer. Jethro Gibbs was once a Guide but shut down after his wife and daughter were killed. Tony knows Gibbs is his Guide but Gibbs doesn’t know about Tony. This is their journey of discovery and understanding. Banner Art by Fanarts_series.

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My Rough Trade is Complete

I finished my third RT story and so have completed the challenge. My first story (NCIS: Coyote Hawk) came in under the word count goal by a few hundred, my second story (Hobbit: The Owl’s Wisdom vs the Horse’s Freedom) came in within the word count goal, and my third story (Avengers: Foxy Bear) came in a few hundred over the word count goal. But I am content. I hope to have them beta’ed, edited and posted to AO3 before the next RT begins in November. If you’re curious about it, see my Future Projects page. Not that I have more than a basic idea there yet. But it is a teaser.

Remember, the RT site is cleared off around October 1 to make way for the November challenge.