NCIS Fan Favorites Awards Are Open


Nominations will be open through January

Gen, Het and Slash are eligible. All pairings are eligible.Stories and graphics must be posted no later than 31 December 2014 to be eligible for nomination.
Stories and graphics posted in 2015 will not be eligible until next year.
Come nominate your favorite NCIS stories from 2014 and before. (Since this is the first year it is anything prior to January 1 of this year.)


Categories to include:
1) Favorite Angst
2) Favorite AU/Fantasy
3) Favorite Cross-Over
4) Favorite Episode related/Missing scene
5) Favorite Humor
6) Favorite Hurt/Comfort
7) Favorite Kink
8) Favorite Romance
9) Favorite Story related Graphics
10) Favorite Non-Story related Graphics