My Rough Trade is Complete

I finished my third RT story and so have completed the challenge. My first story (NCIS: Coyote Hawk) came in under the word count goal by a few hundred, my second story (Hobbit: The Owl’s Wisdom vs the Horse’s Freedom) came in within the word count goal, and my third story (Avengers: Foxy Bear) came in a few hundred over the word count goal. But I am content. I hope to have them beta’ed, edited and posted to AO3 before the next RT begins in November. If you’re curious about it, see my Future Projects page. Not that I have more than a basic idea there yet. But it is a teaser.

Remember, the RT site is cleared off around October 1 to make way for the November challenge.

Rough Trade July Boot Camp is Underway!

I am taking part in the RT July challenge: write three stories of 10k – 15k each, in different fandoms, that are Sentinel crossovers/fusions. Check out my stories (art by FanArts_series), Coyote Hawk is complete! Each banner is clickable and sends you to the project file for the story.

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