Rough Trade/NaNoWriMo has begun!



You can follow my journey through the month on the Rough Trade site or I am penumbria on the NaNoWriMo site.

This is a banner made by Fanarts_series for my story:

Banner Art by Fanarts_series

Banner Art by Fanarts_series

And this is one I created:

Banner Art by penumbria

Banner Art by penumbria


Multifandom Extreme Big Bang


I will be writing 100,000 words (between now and late July 2016) in a series of stories based off of the “Seeing Through Your Soul” universe. Kingsman, Stargate, MCU, Eureka, HP, etc. Join me for the extreme-ness!

My Rough Trade is Complete

I finished my third RT story and so have completed the challenge. My first story (NCIS: Coyote Hawk) came in under the word count goal by a few hundred, my second story (Hobbit: The Owl’s Wisdom vs the Horse’s Freedom) came in within the word count goal, and my third story (Avengers: Foxy Bear) came in a few hundred over the word count goal. But I am content. I hope to have them beta’ed, edited and posted to AO3 before the next RT begins in November. If you’re curious about it, see my Future Projects page. Not that I have more than a basic idea there yet. But it is a teaser.

Remember, the RT site is cleared off around October 1 to make way for the November challenge.

Rough Trade Update

Oh well

Okay, so I didn’t finish Love is a Kind of Magic during the challenge period. I am going to finish it and get it up on RT in May.

Until then I will be working on The Magic of Reborn Love. It is SGA and is Rodney and John as the reincarnated (sort of) Salazar and Godric. The more interaction and proximity they have to Ancient tech, the more they recall those lives until they remember it all during their first night’s sleep following their first trip through the Stargate. The challenge begins on the 17th. Check it out.

Banner Art by FanArts_Series

Banner Art by FanArts_Series