Completed Works

An Updated List of My Completed Works

as of 2/12/2021

NEW means added here since I last updated this page


A Bison’s Guarded Heart: (NCIS/MCU, Tony DiNozzo/Tony Stark) When Tony DiNozzo came online in the sewer with Marine Gunnery Sergeant Bill Atlas, he kept it a secret. He learned to use his senses without a Guide, hiding his knowledge behind seemingly intuitive leaps. After Gibbs heads off to Mexico and Tony is left in charge, he hears the truth of Jenny’s plans and resigns. A trip to the Stark Expo while he tries to figure out his life, changes its entire focus when he comes across an ill (and hiding it) Tony Stark, his Guide.

Ever Onward: (NCIS/Kingsman, Gen) Suddenly he wasn’t Gibbs’ partner, he wasn’t even being treated as Gibbs’ Senior Field Agent. Tony couldn’t understand what had happened and felt like he had whiplash. Their dynamic had changed and Tony refused to take it anymore. Rule Five. Tony wouldn’t waste good on Gibbs.

Family Ties: (Teen Wolf/Charmed, Gen) When Gerard Argent had Stiles kidnapped after the championship lacrosse game, things went a bit differently. A flailing stumble after being hit by a geriatric rather than a direct fall triggered dramatic changes in Stiles, leading to the discovery of a heritage he never could have guessed at. And family connections he wasn’t sure he wanted. NEW

Feeding Frenzy Relay: (Slash) Instead of going to Israel, Tony reaches out to Harmon Rabb and the consequences ripple out like a sharknado. NOTE: A multi-author, multi-crossover, multi-leg relay of 103K words. I wrote two legs of the relay. You really need to read the entire thing to understand what happened, or at least the first leg. NEW

Cast a Net of Wonder: (NCIS/Kingsman, Gen) Tony gets an unexpected ride from the airport. Feeding Frenzy Leg 12. NEW

One Shark, Two Shark, Red Shark, Blue Shark: (NCIS/West Wing, sort of, Gen) Tony has an actual scheduled interview. What could go wrong? Feeding Frenzy Leg 18. NEW

How I ‘Met’ Your Father: (NCIS/SGA, Tony DiNozzo/John Sheppard) How I ‘Met’ Your Father OR Five Times Tony’s Ex-Boyfriends Showing Up In His Life At NCIS Was Cumulatively A Very Bad, Awful, Horrible, Painful Thing Plus One Time When It Was Perfect; Tony has had many lovers over the years but only one became his husband. A 5 plus 1 with pics. Pretty much what it says on the tin.

Seeing Through Your Soul: (NCIS/Stargate: SG1, Tony DiNozzo/Jack O’Neill) In a world where soul mates who have not met see what is happening through the mate’s eyes once a year for ten minutes, Jack O’Neill has a problem. His mate is seeing highly classified missions and materials and he can’t find him. Part 1 of Seeing Through the Soul ‘Verse Part 1 of Visions of My Soul

Seeing Our Souls: (NCIS/Stargate: SG1, Tony DiNozzo/Jack O’Neill) Jack and Tony have met, how will they deal with bonding? Part 2 of Seeing Through the Soul ‘Verse Part 2 of Visions of My Soul

Harry Potter

Coyote in the Cupboard: (Gen) It is well known that isolation and stress can bring a Sentinel online. Harry Potter has spent most of his young life in a cupboard, isolated from the world and his abusive relatives. He can’t remember a time when his coyote wasn’t with him. Part 1 of Coyote in the Cupboard

The Coyote and the Philosopher’s Stone: (Harry/Draco) Harry spent much of his young childhood isolated and awakened as a Sentinel at four years old. Draco Malfoy met Harry in Diagon Alley and awakened as his Guide. In their first year as a bonded pair, they must deal with manipulative headmasters, possessed teachers, and annoying classmates. Hogwarts wasn’t prepared for this Harry. Part 2 of Coyote in the Cupboard

King’s Cross Redux: (Harry/Orion Black) Harry died – again – and woke up in King’s Cross – again. This time, he was alone when a train came for him. But his next great adventure wasn’t onward, it was backward, and Harry found a new destiny and a world to save – one child at a time. Written for the Quantum Bang 2019.

Not Like Me: (Gen) Based on a prompt found on Prompt Romp from August of 2009: What becomes of the son of Tonks and Lupin after the end of Deathly Hallows? It is shortly after the final battle and Andromeda is having trouble coping in her grief and leaves Teddy with Harry. This story is definitely EWE though mostly canon through the Final Battle.

The Obliviation Cure: (Alice/Frank) Maybe Lockhart could actually be useful. NEW


The Owl’s Wisdom vs the Horse’s Freedom: (Bilbo/Thorin) In the Shire, Guides are plentiful. Sentinels, on the other hand, are incredibly rare. And powerful. And lonely. In the Shire, Guides don’t bond with Sentinels. It isn’t proper. They provide community support but not personal. That is the hobbit way. Bilbo Baggins hates being a proper hobbit and wishes for many reasons that Fell Winter had never brought him online as the first hobbit Sentinel in several generations. Until a wizard brings a dwarf king and his company to Bilbo’s front door. Part 1 of Owl vs Horse

Owl Flying Free: (Bilbo/Thorin) Bilbo and Thorin have met and bonded as Sentinel and Guide. The trick – getting Bilbo out of the Shire without being stopped by the other hobbits. And finding their way through the Wilds. Part 2 of Owl vs Horse

Horse Sense: (Bilbo/Thorin) Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield are Sentinel and Guide. They are on a quest to defeat a dragon. They’ve learned the truth of hobbits and killed trolls without a problem but now they face Thorin’s most hated race of Light – the elves. Then again, Rivendell isn’t Eryn Galen and Elrond isn’t Thranduil. Part 3 of Owl vs Horse


A Knight’s True Soul: (Harry/Eggsy) Harry Hart met Eggsy Unwin when Eggsy was a child. Harry never saw a vision of his soul mate again. Eggsy never saw a vision at all, he just felt a pull that led to the Savile Row area of London once he reached puberty. Part 3 of Visions of My Soul series

Eternity’s Knight: The Crossroad of Infinity: (pre Harry/Eggsy) In 2015, Richmond Valentine set off his V-Day device and the Kingsman knights were unable to fully stop him. It activated for several minutes, though granted not the hours the mad genius had planned for. He was stopped and killed before his plans could be fully realized by a failed knight candidate who had watched the man kill his mentor. In 2038, Kingsman knight Mordred is sent back in time by Arthur to change the events of that year and save the world all over again.

MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Foxy Bear: (Tony Stark/Steve Rogers) Tony Stark is a Guide. According to Howard Stark, Guides are unacceptable in the Stark family. Tony tries to hide and find his own way, losing himself in meaningless sex and focusing his gifts towards mechanical and electronic understanding and guiding. But he knows his Sentinel is out there. Since he was a child he has seen their spirit guide, helping him, keeping a watch over him, protecting him. He just hopes to find them someday so he can return the favor.


Behind the Bar: (Tony DiNozzo/Jimmy Palmer, Tony DiNozzo/Chris Pacci) Jimmy works behind the bar at Oscar’s, a gay bar, to put himself through medical school. He meets all kinds of men and learns some of their stories.

Change in Perspective: (Gen) Gibbs quit. Tony is in charge. McGee is confused. Part 1 of the Changes ‘verse.

Change in Behavior: (Gen) McGee realizes Tony needs a friend while Gibbs is in Mexico, and steps up. Part 2 of the Changes ‘verse.

Classic Mysteries: (Gen) Tony’s love of classic films comes in handy.

Coyote Hawk: (Tony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs) Tony DiNozzo comes online as a Sentinel when he is kidnapped and wakes in a sewer. Jethro Gibbs was once a Guide but shut down after his wife and daughter were killed. Tony knows Gibbs is his Guide but Gibbs doesn’t know about Tony. This is their journey of discovery and understanding.

Jethro is Fine: (Gen) Gibbs is back from Mexico. But should he be? Tony wonders.

Inevitable Fallout: (Gen) What if James Dempsey had found out that his little brother Brian had been killed by Ziva (in the elevator at NCIS) before the MCRT knew where the kidnapped Jenny Shepard was? What if he was able to take his revenge and he did it on live TV? How does the fallout change things at NCIS? Part 1 of Inevitable

Inevitable Conclusion: (Gen) The storm that Jenny’s death started has hit and the flood waters are sweeping through NCIS. Tony and the remains of his team have to learn to swim before they drown. Part 2 of Inevitable

Make a Coffee Wish: (Gen) Tony wants to honor Chris Pacci after his death and comes up with a unique idea. Written for the NCIS Secret Santa 2019 as a gift for Ytteb.

Photographic Recall: (Tony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs) After Gibbs retires and runs, Tony find a box full of photos and remembers.

The Only Thing Permanent: (Gen) What if Ziva didn’t ask Gibbs to choose until after they were back in the US after Tony killed Rivkin?

There’ll Be No Sacrifice Today: (Gen) While Gibbs is away in Mexico, things start going wrong for Tony. Until he finds a mysterious card on his desk with a cryptic message. It leads him down a road where he decides he won’t be a sacrifice for anyone.

Stargate: Atlantis

Gaia Awakens: (Gen) It has been 7 million years since Atlantis left Earth and her mother, Gaia, the first AI made by the Alterans, was placed in stasis. But now Atlantis is home.

It Happened in Vegas: (John/Rodney) John Sheppard is on leave and looking to celebrate his divorce. NEW

The Rift: (John/Rodney) Take a mysterious rift in space emitting deadly radiation. Add a John Sheppard suicide run to close it plus Rodney’s big brain. Add a dash of their combined luck. And a little bit of meddling, maybe. Shake well. Oops.

Under His Nose: (John/Rodney) The Pegasus Galaxy had more surprises for the Atlantis Expedition when they arrived then the Wraith. Silvered words on wrists appear and the Expedition has to find out what it all means. My entry for SGA Reverse Bang 2016.

Would You Rather…: (John/Rodney) Based off the “”Trio” Would You Rather? by MeredithKey” writing challenge on Wraithbait. The game of “Would You Rather” that Carter, McKay, and Keller play while trapped in “Trio” goes a little farther. Instead of just asking about celebrities, they start asking about other members of the Atlantis expedition and the SGC. What is up with Carter and O’Neill? Rodney and John? Keller and Ronon? What exactly have these members gotten up to since they joined the Stargate program?

Teen Wolf

Calming Chaos: (Gen) When Peter Hale’s human side awoke, it had been six years since the events of the Hale fire – and its aftermath – triggered the Great Cataclysm. NEW

Mój Wilk Pnącze: (Stiles/Peter) Stiles and Peter are in love. But nobody knows. Until Scott McCall happens. And they do. (A/N: No underage)

Red Fog: (Gen) Stiles deals with an unknown passenger during a crisis. Part 1 of V-Day and the World After. NEW

Found Family in the Fallout: (Gen) The V-Day Wave was 5 days ago and the Alpha needs his pack. Part 2 of V-Day and the World After. NEW

Who’s the Alpha?: (Gen) Stiles, Scott, and several of their classmates are playing on the playground when the Hale fire occurs and Alpha Talia Hale dies. The new Alpha’s actions when coming upon them changes everything! AKA: The one where Laura bites everyone when they are pre-teens. Part 1 of The Alpha and the Pack.

The Alpha and the Pack: (Gen) It has been five and a half years since Peter Hale woke up as an Alpha with a pack of pre-teen, newly bitten wolves, a spark, and a banshee. Derek Hale hears rumors of a Hale Alpha in Beacon Hills. Stiles struggles with his powers and their origin. Scott is falling for the daughter of an infamous hunter family. Part 2 of The Alpha and the Pack NEW

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