Newsletter February 2021

Hey all!

So, the last year has not been great creatively for me. I did get a few things accomplished, more art than fic but still. I have updated my Completed Works page and my Art pages with what I made since I last updated a while back.

I am in the process of working on a Quantum Bang story for this year (arrival June 2021) and hope to participate better in the three Rough Trade Challenges. I am also a participant in the Teen Wolf Bingo and have posted several things for that, though none of them are in any kind of line on my bingo card. <sigh>

However, I know what everyone is really here for:

It is live! Check out my EAD page for my two entries for this year. One of them even comes with a finished version! You’re welcome!

Hopefully this year is better than the last for me and everyone else in the world.


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