Looking Ahead to 2020 and Behind to 2019

Well, the new year (and decade) has begun. And I hope to get onto a schedule of writing nearly every day if I can. I’ve updated the Art, Finished Works, and Upcoming pages. So, feel free to check them out.

I am currently working on my 2020 Quantum Bang entry. I can’t say much but we’ll see how it shakes out in a few months. Last year’s was very successful and was received well, which I always appreciate.

This past year, I successfully participated in two Rough Trades (April – posting to AO3 really soon, I hope and November – my HP story Why Three-Quarters?), my HP story for the Quantum Bang, a Teen Wolf story for the Every Fandom Reverse Bang, two legs (featuring one for Kingsman and one for the Secret Service branch) for the NCIS Feeding Frenzy, and the NCIS Secret Santa. And lots of art for various bangs, fests, bingos, etc (see my AO3 page and the Profilers for Christmas page on WildHare.)

Looking ahead, I plan to finish my QB and participate in all three Year of the Sentinel Rough Trades. Plus, the NCIS Reverse Bang. And possibly more. We will see how the year shakes out. And I hope to get back to some of my WIPs but it depends on what I feel like I have a desire to write and an idea for.

Hopefully, 2020 is a productive year!

One comment on “Looking Ahead to 2020 and Behind to 2019

  1. I loved your Why Three-Quarters? – any plans to post that story here so I can re-read it after it gets taken down from Rough Trade?


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