EAD Teen Wolf Fic Complete


So, I said on the Author’s Note for my Teen Wolf fic that I was hoping to finish it within a month. Thanks to the sprints on Discord with Jilly and Keira and the Writer’s Table crew/minions, I finished and posted it in a week. Enjoy!

Who’s the Alpha?



Site Update

So, in preparation for Evil Author Day next week I have been cleaning up the site and updating it. The Completed Works page now has all of my completed fiction listed as of today. Including TWO new fics I posted to AO3 this week. Well, they were edited versions of my July 2018 Rough Trade Sentinel fusions. But, still.

Also, I am participating in the Quantum Bang and my story is written, beta’ed, and finished editing. It is ready for claiming next month and then posting in June. So, look forward to that.

And, of course, I have several things that I am posting for EAD in one week! One week!!! So, look for that post on Feb 15.