EAD and Newest AO3 fics

My EAD fics for 2018 are live.

Read at your own risk. No unsolicited beta required.

Also recent stories of mine on AO3:

Gaia Awakens: SGA: It has been 7 million years since Atlantis left Earth and her mother, Gaia, the first AI made by the Alterans, was placed in stasis. But now Atlantis is home.

Ever Onward: NCIS/Kingsman: Suddenly he wasn’t Gibbs’ partner, he wasn’t even being treated as Gibbs’ Senior Field Agent. Tony couldn’t understand what had happened and felt like he had whiplash. Their dynamic had changed and Tony refused to take it anymore. Rule Five. Tony wouldn’t waste good on Gibbs.

Owl Flying Free: Hobbit sentinel fusion sequel: Bilbo and Thorin have met and bonded as Sentinel and Guide. The trick – getting Bilbo out of the Shire without being stopped by the other hobbits. And finding their way through the Wilds.

Eternity’s Knight: Kingsman:  Sub-Title: The Crossroad of Infinity

In 2015, Richmond Valentine set off his V-Day device and the Kingsman knights were unable to fully stop him. It activated for several minutes, though granted not the hours the mad genius had planned for. He was stopped and killed before his plans could be fully realized by a failed knight candidate who had watched the man kill his mentor. In 2038, Kingsman knight Mordred is sent back in time by Arthur to change the events of that year and save the world all over again.

Foxy BearMCU sentinel fusion: Tony Stark is a Guide. According to Howard Stark, Guides are unacceptable in the Stark family. Tony tries to hide and find his own way, losing himself in meaningless sex and focusing his gifts towards mechanical and electronic understanding and guiding. But he knows his Sentinel is out there. Since he was a child he has seen their spirit guide, helping him, keeping a watch over him, protecting him. He just hopes to find them someday so he can return the favor.

A Bison’s Guarded Heart: NCIS/MCU sentinel fusion: When Tony DiNozzo came online in the sewer with Marine Gunnery Sergeant Bill Atlas, he kept it a secret. He learned to use his senses without a Guide, hiding his knowledge behind seemingly intuitive leaps. After Gibbs heads off to Mexico and Tony is left in charge, he hears the truth of Jenny’s plans and resigns. A trip to the Stark Expo while he tries to figure out his life, changes its entire focus when he comes across an ill (and hiding it) Tony Stark, his Guide.

Coyote in the Cupboard: HP sentinel fusion: It is well known that isolation and stress can bring a Sentinel online. Harry Potter has spent most of his young life in a cupboard, isolated from the world and his abusive relatives. He can’t remember a time when his coyote wasn’t with him.

Inevitable Conclusion: NCIS: The storm that Jenny’s death started has hit and the flood waters are sweeping through NCIS. Tony and the remains of his team have to learn to swim before they drown.

The Only Thing PermanentNCIS: What if Ziva didn’t ask Gibbs to choose until after they were back in the US after Tony killed Rivkin?