January 2017 Newsletter

Currently Working On:

  • SGA Reverse Bang 2017
    • Working Title: Gaia Awakens
    • gen story with possible hints of slash
    • NOT a crossover
    • Posting Period: April 1 – 8
    • based upon this art:
    • sga-reverse-bangsga-reverse-bang-banner

In the Planning Stages or On Hold:

  • November 2016 RT – World Building
    • Title: Rising Protection
    • Harry Potter born an Ancient in Stargate universe
    • Summary: Horaz Averruncus was born to a powerful line of Lanteans. His ancestor found and bonded to the entity that is now the city of Atlantis. He is the last of his line as the War with the Wraith rages. Though powerful and genetically ready, he is kept from Ascending by the Others (led by Apium Terminus) and as the last of the Lanteans retreat to Terra, his body is forced into stasis while his mind merges with Atlantis to keep her sane. For eons, they co-exist and their bond tightens, Atlantis and her arrideo. Then the Astria Porta activates from Terra.
    • On the RT site as WIP until clear off in March,
    • On hold until  ???, will post snippets on EAD
  • NCIS Reverse Bang 2017
    • Art claims January 14
    • Posting Period begins after April 30

With Beta:

  • Foxy Bear (July 2015 RT, MCU Sentinel fusion)
  • Eternity’s Knight (November 2015 RT, Kingsman time travel fic)
  • July 2016 RT LBD Boot Camp stories
    • Coyote in the Cupboard (HP, Harry/Draco)
    • A Bison’s Guarded Heart (NCIS/MCU, Tony DiNozzo/Tony Stark)
    • Owl Flying Free (Hobbit, Bilbo/Thorin)

Recent Postings:

Upcoming Art Projects/Bangs:

  • NCIS Reverse Big Bang (art claiming January 14, posting after April 30, 2017) [and yes, I am writing a story for this as well]

Upcoming Events:

  • February 15: Evil Author Day, expect several snippets
  • April 2016: Rough Trade – Mulligan Challenge
    • may use Black Distortion
    • may not participate