Newsletter – August 2016


Currently Working On:

  • NCIS 2016 Big Bang
    • Being Written currently, title TBD
    • gen story at this point and don’t think it will change
    • main idea: What if James Dempsey had found out that his little brother Brian was dead before the MCRT could find and rescue Jenny from her kidnapping and James killed her in retaliation (and dumped her body on live TV)?
    • Best Line So Far: The Secretary of Defense opened the meeting with a succinct, “NCIS is one giant clusterfuck.”
    • Posting Period Begins October 1

In the Planning Stages or On Hold:

  • Black Distortion
    • RT April 2016 story
    • Harry Potter
    • WIP
    • On hold indefinitely, may come back as my April 2017 Mulligan RT
  • MCU story in my Visions of the Soul verse
    • Title: Thawing Winter’s Soul
    • Tony Stark/Bucky Barnes
    • On hold indefinitely, will likely post a snippet for EAD in February
  • November 2016 RT – World Building
    • Planning stages
    • deciding between bunnies
  • Multi-Fandom Extreme Big Bang (EBB)
    • have an idea for a story if it is run this year
    • huge plot, multiple fandoms, one concept, massive crossover
    • My Question: How do the fandoms I like deal with Kingsman’s V-Day?
    • EBB challenge: one story (or series in the same ‘verse), 100K, 10 months

In Editing:

  • July 2016 RT LBD Boot Camp stories
    • Coyote in the Cupboard (HP, Harry/Draco)
    • A Bison’s Guarded Heart (NCIS/MCU, Tony DiNozzo/Tony Stark)
    • Owl Flying Free (Hobbit, Bilbo/Thorin)

With Beta:

  • Foxy Bear (July 2015 RT, MCU Sentinel fusion)
  • Eternity’s Knight (November 2015 RT, Kingsman time travel fic)

Recent Postings:

Upcoming Art Projects/Bangs:

  • NCIS Big Bang (posting after October 1, 2016) [and yes, I am writing a story for this as well]
  • Marvel Big Bang (posting October 17)
  • Cap/Iron Man Big Bang (posting begins November 1)
  • SGA Reverse Bang (art due November 4, stories due April 1)