Newsletter – May 2016


Currently Working On:

  • Multi-Fandom Extreme Big Bang, Goal: 100,000 Words in 9 months (or so)
    • I am writing multiple stories within a concept universe
    • Currently I have completed the Kingsman story and the NCIS/SG-1 story (sequel to Seeing Through Your Soul)
    • A WinterIron MCU story is in the middle of being written
    • Before the deadline for the Bang (mid-July 2016), I plan a Stony MCU story and possibly an SGA story. How many of them get written depends on real life and how long the WinterIron fic turns out to be when done.

In the Planning Stages or On Hold:

  • Black Distortion
    • RT April 2016 story
    • WIP
    • On hold until at least August 2016, more likely September or October
  • July 2016 RT LBD Boot Camp stories
    • Planning stages
    • probably sequel to at least one if not two or even three of last year’s entries
  • NCIS 2016 Big Bang
    • Planning stages, deciding between bunnies
    • writing in August
    • posting in October
  • November 2016 RT – World Building
    • Planning stages
    • deciding between bunnies

With Beta:

  • Foxy Bear (July 2015 RT, MCU Sentinel fusion)
  • Eternity’s Knight (November 2015 RT, Kingsman time travel fic)

Recent Postings:

  • Under His Nose on AO3

    • Summary: The Pegasus Galaxy had more surprises for the Atlantis Expedition when they arrived then the Wraith. Silvered words on wrists appear and the Expedition has to find out what it all means.

    • Written for the SGA Reverse Bang Challenge inspired by art by nonexistenz (aka jayi)

  • Photographic Recall on AO3

    • Summary: After Gibbs retires and runs, Tony find a box full of photos and remembers.
    • Written for the 2016 NCIS Reverse Bang, inspired by banner art by Jilly James
  • Added more art to my section on this site

Upcoming Art Projects/Bangs:

  • Hobbit Story Big Bang (posting expected May 13 – 31, 2016)
  • Heroine Big Bang (posting expected after May 30, 2016)
  • Multi-Fandom Extreme Big Bang (posting expected July 25 – August 15, 2016) [and yes, I wrote a story for this as well]
  • WIP Big Bang (posting expected after July 10, 2016)
  • Bucky Barnes Big Bang (posting expected after August 27, 2016)
  • NCIS Big Bang (posting after October 1, 2016) [and yes, I wrote a story for this as well]