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February 15.

Also known as Evil Author Day.

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Newsletter February 2021

Hey all!

So, the last year has not been great creatively for me. I did get a few things accomplished, more art than fic but still. I have updated my Completed Works page and my Art pages with what I made since I last updated a while back.

I am in the process of working on a Quantum Bang story for this year (arrival June 2021) and hope to participate better in the three Rough Trade Challenges. I am also a participant in the Teen Wolf Bingo and have posted several things for that, though none of them are in any kind of line on my bingo card. <sigh>

However, I know what everyone is really here for:

It is live! Check out my EAD page for my two entries for this year. One of them even comes with a finished version! You’re welcome!

Hopefully this year is better than the last for me and everyone else in the world.


Looking Ahead to 2020 and Behind to 2019

Well, the new year (and decade) has begun. And I hope to get onto a schedule of writing nearly every day if I can. I’ve updated the Art, Finished Works, and Upcoming pages. So, feel free to check them out.

I am currently working on my 2020 Quantum Bang entry. I can’t say much but we’ll see how it shakes out in a few months. Last year’s was very successful and was received well, which I always appreciate.

This past year, I successfully participated in two Rough Trades (April – posting to AO3 really soon, I hope and November – my HP story Why Three-Quarters?), my HP story for the Quantum Bang, a Teen Wolf story for the Every Fandom Reverse Bang, two legs (featuring one for Kingsman and one for the Secret Service branch) for the NCIS Feeding Frenzy, and the NCIS Secret Santa. And lots of art for various bangs, fests, bingos, etc (see my AO3 page and the Profilers for Christmas page on WildHare.)

Looking ahead, I plan to finish my QB and participate in all three Year of the Sentinel Rough Trades. Plus, the NCIS Reverse Bang. And possibly more. We will see how the year shakes out. And I hope to get back to some of my WIPs but it depends on what I feel like I have a desire to write and an idea for.

Hopefully, 2020 is a productive year!

Newsletter – Updates – June 2019

Latest news

My story for the 2019 Quantum Bang posted today. It is titled “King’s Cross Redux” and has lovely cover art by helva2260.

Summary: Harry died – again – and woke up in King’s Cross – again. This time, he was alone when a train came for him. But his next great adventure wasn’t onward, it was backward, and Harry found a new destiny and a world to save – one child at a time.

Speaking of the QB, I provided art for two of the authors. Check out the Art Showcases for The Charming Gardener by SASundance (posted 6-2-2019) and Turn Back Time by DazeVentura6 (posting 6-11-2019). The stories are NCIS and Harry Potter respectively. Both are wonderful and don’t get scared off by the NCIS pairing. It is handled perfectly and is the kind of love Tony should have gotten in his life.

In Other News

  • I completed my April RT Teen Wolf story, the 2nd in The Alpha and The Pack series. It is currently in edits and I hope to get it posted on AO3 by the end of summer. Possibly before.
  • I am not participating in July Rough Trade this year for various reasons.
  • I am in the middle of working on the fic I am writing for the art I chose for the Every Fandom Reverse Bang. The art is interesting and I think my story is, too. It will be posted in mid-August.
  • I also provided art for several stories which are being worked on for the Every Fandom Reverse Bang. Hopefully, you will see three fics paired with my art in mid-August.
  • The Steter Reverse Bang is currently in the middle of posting and I worked with two sets of authors to provide the art for two stories: “Under the Milky Way Tonight” by Mrs Ridcully (posted now) AND “An Opportunity” by merrythoughts & ReallyMissCoffee (posting 6-10, I think). Find the entire collection on AO3.

Have a great summer!


Site Update

So, in preparation for Evil Author Day next week I have been cleaning up the site and updating it. The Completed Works page now has all of my completed fiction listed as of today. Including TWO new fics I posted to AO3 this week. Well, they were edited versions of my July 2018 Rough Trade Sentinel fusions. But, still.

Also, I am participating in the Quantum Bang and my story is written, beta’ed, and finished editing. It is ready for claiming next month and then posting in June. So, look forward to that.

And, of course, I have several things that I am posting for EAD in one week! One week!!! So, look for that post on Feb 15.